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2020 Summer Golf Tournament Scores

2020 Summer Golf Tournament Results

Championship Flight:
1st Place – Killian Construction
2nd Place – Berry Tractor
3rd Place – Terracon

A Flight
1st Place – Casual Carpets
2nd Place – Harry Cooper
3rd Place – Star Wholesale

B Flight
1st Place – Nixon & Lindstron (am team)
2nd Place – Prestressed Casting
3rd Place – Murphy Tractor (pm team)

Closest to the Pin – Shaun Piatchek – NetWatch

Longest Drive – Anthony Swanigan – CJW Transportation

Skins – TBA

50/50 Raffle Drawing from Cornhole Game: 9485072
*Winner must call to confirm by Friday or another ticket will be drawn. 

All scores are listed below:

Company Team Session Score Place
Killian Const Bergmann, Griffin, Jason PM 57 1st – Championship
Berry Tractor Baer, Yake, Ramsey PM 58 2nd – Championship
Terracon Alexander, Orr, Carson, Davis PM 58 3rd – Championship
Fabick Cat Cantrell, Holman, Branham, McDerrmott AM 59
Herc Rentals Dykman, Dowming, Fornelli, Conley AM 59
WCA Block, Dykman, Lane, Block PM 59
On side Ryan, Steve, Mark, Riley PM 59
Dewitt and Assoc Cruse, Helmer, Yocum, Galle AM 59
Central Bank Phillips, Lorance, Redman, Harmon PM 59
FabickCat Greer, Rogers, Romans, Cryder AM 60
Murphy Tractor Rosetta, Yake, Dopp, Bush AM 60
Casual Carpets Benson, Skeeters, Cornwall PM 61 1st – A Flight
Harry Cooper Metzelthin, Brownlow, Parker, O’Connell AM 61 2nd – A Flight
Star Baker, Travis, Bosier, Lloyd PM 61 3rd – A Flight
Snyder Volentine, Reed, Wiener, Neuber PM 61
Carter-Waters Seymour, Pittman, York, Martin AM 62
Laborers Local 663 Barnes, Jameson, Robbins, Patterson AM 62
Oreilly Build Mansanto, Monsanto, Micheels, Duda PM 62
Rental Supply Schupp, Bowling, Morris AM 63
Fabick Cat Ostrander, Williams, Williams, Nguyen AM 63
Berry Tractor Vaught, Stokes, Wise, Vaught PM 63
Olsson Haase, Rasmussen, Shelton, Hoey AM 64
Fabick Cat Barnes, Miller, Colfield, Fielder AM 64
SCA Hawk, Haas, Whisky, Hunt PM 64
Netwatch Piatchek, Motley, Cook, Stringer PM 65
CJW Wynn, Peitz, Coltrin, Estell PM 65
Capital Sand Mantle, Mantle, Kliethermes, Windsor PM 65
Nixon & Lindstrom Gambon, Devore, Forsyth, Lindstrom AM 66 1st – B Flight
Prestressed DeLong, Beck, White, Davis PM 66 2nd – B Flight
Murphy Tractor Parker, Jennings, Schneider, Wallace PM 66 3rd – B Flight
Deville Steele Dillon, Justin, John, Cole PM 66
JE Dunn Evans, Mann, Trehey, Atkisson AM 67
Crossland Sims, Locke, Murray, Geyer AM 67
Multi-Craft Miller, Woodall, Jones, Stone AM 67
Midwest Ward, Kirkland, Paris, Stuart PM 67
Davis Electric Davis,Harlesman, Kaberline, Stevens PM 67
MTS Miller, Jennings, Rosener, Burch AM 68
CJW Seiler, Gugel, Claussen, Wynn AM 69
Murphy Tractor Young,Sharpe, Phillips, Gillespie AM 70
Road Runner Ellis, Boyd, Fronick, Foreman AM 70
Wiese/Ricks Chandler, Williamson, Bertholdi, Blake PM 70
MTS Cunningham, Davis, Peck, Finley PM 74
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