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City Utilities
2022 Cross Bore Inspection Service (G&W Construction)
Competitive Request for Proposal – 0000072399

Click here for full RFP details. 

The Board of Public Utilities of the City of Springfield, Missouri (City Utilities) invites you to submit a proposal for the work described herein. Contract Documents are available online as instructed in RFP Section I-C (Supplemental Procurement Documents). Questions should be directed to:

Mason Gammill, Buyer I, [P] (417) 831-8407, [F] (417 831-8377, [E]
– OR –
Purchasing Department, City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri, [P] (417) 831-8363, [F] (417) 831-8377, [E]

City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri is a municipal utility governed by the Board of Public Utilities. City Utilities is engaged in the production and distribution of electricity, distribution of natural gas, the treatment and distribution of water, provision of commercially available broadband services and the provision of public transportation services for the City of Springfield and the surrounding area. Since City Utilities is an agency of a Missouri municipal corporation, the laws of the state of Missouri shall apply and control any contract which is awarded. When the term “City Utilities of Springfield”, “City Utilities” or “CU” is used in this document, it shall refer to the City of Springfield, Missouri, a municipal corporation, operating its public utilities through the Board of Public Utilities.

CU reserves the right to waive informalities and to accept or reject any and all responses submitted. The terms “bid”, “proposal” and “response” are synonymous when used in this document. The term “Bidder” may also be referred to as “Proposer”, “Contractor” or “Seller”. “City Utilities of Springfield” may also be referred to as “City Utilities”, “Owner”, “Buyer” or “CU”.

Procurement Documents for RFP 0000072399, complete with detailed specifications, drawings and bid form, can be viewed and downloaded by navigating to the following website and searching by bidding event number or name:
or go to and follow these links:

  • For Business (top of page)
  • Purchasing
  • Bidding Opportunities
  • Current Bidding Events & Awards Results
  • All CU Bidding Opportunities
  • 0000072399

You will have access to open, print and/or save pdf file(s).

Furnish labor, equipment and materials for camera inspection of sewer service lines, from the outside building wall (if sewer cleanout is available) or nearby toilet, to the sewer main, looking for possible cross bored utility lines. Contract is for the time period October 25, 2022, to December 31, 2022. Work may include removal and subsequent replacement of toilets to access the sewer service line. Approximately 125 sewer service lines will be inspected as part of this contract. Video files of sewer inspections will be a deliverable of this contract.

A Pre-Proposal Conference will be held virtually at 2:00 pm (CDT) on October 4, 2022. Bidders can attend via Virtual Meeting/Conference Call. The link is:

  • Dial-in phone number: +1 (872) 240-3212
  • Access code/Meeting ID: 341-767-061

Participation in this Pre-Proposal Conference is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.

All proposals must be in the hands of the Purchasing Agent of City Utilities, per one of the approved submittal methods provided in RFP Section I-G (Proposal Submittal Methods), by the Proposal Opening date and time, which is October 11, 2022, at 2:00 PM (CDT). Any proposal received after such date and time will be rejected.

Proposals will not be publicly opened or read since the selection process will be determined based upon competitive negotiated procurement procedures for proposals as described in this RFP.

All proposals shall be irrevocable for ninety (90) days after the time for opening of proposals.

FAX AND EMAIL RESPONSES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. All proposals must be received by CU Purchasing by the opening date and time stated in this document. The method of submittal is at the sole discretion and risk of the Contractor. Preparation for any submittal method should be taken well enough in advance of the posted opening date and time to allow for unexpected issues. City Utilities is not responsible for submittal failures of any kind- electronic or otherwise. Contractors utilizing CU’s Electronic Bid Attachment Tool (EBAT) should verify that any attachment meets the posted electronic file type and size requirements. Contractors mailing proposals or having proposals delivered should allow sufficient time to ensure receipt by the due date and time specified. Mail, express mail and delivered responses must be sealed in an opaque envelope or package and should include one set of original documents plus two (2) copies (marked appropriately as “Original” and “Copy”).

**** Proposals in response to this RFP may be submitted by any of the methods listed below ****

1. Electronic Bid Attachment Tool (EBAT)
Open to all bidders – NO REGISTRATION OR LOGIN REQUIRED. Proposals submitted via EBAT must be an approved electronic file type (PDF, DOC, XLS, TIF or ZIP) and have a total attachment size that does not exceed 50-MB.

OR GO TO and click on the following links:
– For Business (at top of page)
RFP 000072399 – 2022 Cross Bore Inspection Page 5 of 23
– Purchasing
– Bidding Opportunities
– Electronic Bid Attachment Tool (EBAT)

2. Mail / Express Mail / Hand Deliver
Proposals submitted via mail/express mail or hand delivered shall be sealed in an opaque envelope or package that is clearly marked on the outside with the RFP number and opening date/time. Proposals are to be addressed to:

City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri
Purchasing Manager
301 East Central (65802)- physical location for hand delivery
P.O. Box 551
Springfield, MO 65801-0551

*** SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING HAND DELIVERY *** Due to the existing COVID-19 Pandemic, CU’s facilities are closed to the public. Bidders are strongly encouraged to utilize the Electronic Bid Attachment Tool (EBAT) or Mail/Express Mail options for submittal of a bidding event response. If the hand deliver option is utilized, the person delivering the bidding event response will be required upon arrival to call CU Purchasing at (417) 831-8363 or the security number posted at the entry doors. Once notified, a CU Purchasing representative will meet the delivery person at the door to take possession of the bidding event response. This process may take several minutes to complete and if the bid response is not physically in the hands of a Purchasing representative by the published opening date and time, it will be rejected.

3. PeopleSoft Registered On-Line Bidding System (Legacy system – enrollment closed)

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