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MSU – Repair Stone Facade Bid

Missouri State 

Project: Repair Stone Façade, Pummill Hall
Location: Missouri State University Campus, Springfield, Missouri
Pre-bid Date: October 20, 2021, 1:00 PM,

Burgess House Conference Room

Bid Date: October 28, 2021, 2:00 PM,

Video Conference Via Zoom,

Estimate: $800,000.00
Project Manager: Laura Derrick
Project Description:


Perform stone façade repairs to Pummill Hall.  The restoration includes repair, replacement, and cleaning of existing exterior facade stone fascia, caps, and panels.  The stone exhibits displacement, cracking, staining, and chipping.  The work will also include associated roofing and flashing work.
Plans & Specifications Available: Plans and specifications may be viewed/downloaded through our e-bidding service provider, DemandStar.
DemandStar Access: Submitted bids must be received electronically through our e-bidding service provider, DemandStar.  Bidding documents and any addendums are available at
Website Access: Further information on plans, specifications, and our e-bidding service, DemandStar, can be obtained at
Parking: A pre-bid parking permit has been provided within the project manual for your use.  Depending on the pre-bid itinerary, parking may be made available at the Burgess House or near the construction site.  The Burgess House has a very small parking lot.  When attending a pre-bid or bid opening, if the lot is full, there are meters across the street on the University campus. The visitor/metered parking area is located to the south of Bear Boulevard on Florence Avenue and the adjacent Bookstore parking lot. Please be aware that vehicles parked outside of the designated areas identified within the pre-bid parking permit or within a metered parking spot will be ticketed.  A ticket could also be issued if the parking permit is not displayed as directed. The city of Springfield will issue tickets to cars parked on the neighborhood streets.

Please Note:  In the event that the University is closed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, all scheduled pre-bid meetings and bid openings will be postponed until the same time on the next business day that the University is open. To verify any closure of the University, please visit the homepage at:

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