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Springfield Contractors Association
1313 N. Nias
Springfield MO 65802
Phone: 417-862-1313

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Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-4:30pm
Friday, 8:30am-Noon

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About Us

Who We Are

Megan Herzog, Executive Director
Megan Herzog, Executive Director

The Springfield Contractors Association was formed in 1953 with the purpose of improving relationships and conditions and promoting quality throughout our industry. Our 300+ member firms represent the broad scope of our local construction scene and employ nearly 10,000 people in our area, which is expanding to include the entire Southwest Missouri region.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Springfield Contractors Association to advance local construction industry interests, promote safe work environments, cultivate working relationships in order to develop a strong community.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Springfield Contractors Association is centered around Advocacy, Workforce Development, and Engagement.

Advocacy – Amplify construction industry needs through purposeful and strategic advocacy efforts.

Workforce Development – Strengthen local Workforce Development (WFD) partnerships and programs to help grow construction industry workers relevant to community needs.

Engagement – Engage members and community with SCA through intentional internal and external marketing and communication efforts.

What Does Springfield Contractors Do?

  • Promote our industry and the use of local people at all levels, and work to improve the interrelationships of all those involved
  • Work with governmental units and the private sector on building code and specification work
  • Work with community leaders on programs for community betterment
  • Support the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Work with local architects and engineers to enhance working relationships and work quality
  • Work cooperatively with the Department of Industrial Technology at MSU for our mutual benefit, and act as a sponsor for the MSU Construction Club
  • Support the Construction Technology Program at OTC
  • Provide scholarships to local college students
  • Support SCA’s Generation Next – a group of young professionals in the Design & Construction Industry
  • Honor Developer of the Year with an award for outstanding community development
  • Cooperate with other local organizations to present the Salute to Construction
  • Sponsor educational seminars for members on topics of concern for the industry
  • Provide monthly General Meetings and social activities throughout the year
  • We disseminate information about the Association, our members and other items of interest by email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Maintain a website which includes Recommended Bidding Procedures and the SCA-AIA Bid Date Calendar
  • Provide a central location for taking applications and making names of qualified workers available to members through the Springfield Contractors Employment Referral Service
  • Maintain an office and executive staff to serve the members and achieve the goals of the Association

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Springfield Contractors Association, return the SCA Membership Application to the SCA Office or by email to All applications must be approved by the SCA Board of Directors to be official.

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